Team Building

In addition to our regular game schedule, private events can be accommodated subject to availability. Whether you’re looking for a team building event for your company or unique activities for your co-workers, employees, family or friends, 828 Escape Room games are great ways to: promote staff teamwork, celebrate special events, reward employees or interns and have fun outside of the office.

Private Team Building Events

828 Escape is a unique, fun alternative for your next team building event. And everyone can participate; no physical skills are required. What better way to foster synergy and teamwork than to be locked in a room together? 828 Escape offers a one-of-a-kind team building experience for corporate organizations, athletic teams or church groups.

Our escape scenarios provide a fantastic way for colleagues or teammates to bond and work together. In just an hour, your team will hone their communication, focus, and personality dynamics. By relying on each other’s creativity, thinking outside the box, communication, leadership and cooperation, your employees will leave united and invigorated.

Also, as a part of our team building, we can integrate professional facilitation into your escape room experience to create the ultimate team building experience.

For details or to schedule a team building session, please call our office at 828.586.1828 or email us at, to discuss further and confirm availability. We can create a custom schedule for your group that will fit within your timeframe.

Team Building Benefits

Leadership Development

During most escapes, someone will emerge as a leader to ensure that your team is working together!


Learning to work collectively as a group will guarantee an effective escape.

Observe interactions

Observe Interactions

Get a look at how effectively and efficiently your team works together in a challenging environment.

Improve communication

Improve Communications

Share ideas and strategies with your team to test your abilities to accomplish common goals.

Improve morale

Morale & Motivation

Motivate your team and get them excited to bond with one another!



Break the ice quickly by getting your team involved in a fun and challenging escape experience.

Youth Team Building

Youth Team Building is perfect for:

· Youth groups
· School groups
· Sports teams
· College aged teams or groups
· Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts
· …or even just a group of friends

Let’s face it… learning isn’t always fun but if it can be, let’s make that happen.

Additional add-ons are available for purchase.

Just call or email to set up an appointment. For more info call us at 828.586.1828 or email