It’s Been 2 Full Years of Fun and Entertainment at 828 ESCAPE ROOM!!

It’s time to pull out the confetti and put on your party hats to help 828 Escape Room celebrate 2 whole years of entertainment and fun right here in Sylva, North Carolina! The past year has been filled with great customers, laughter, new rooms and much more!! Perhaps the greatest thing to happen for the 828 Escape Room Team is the expansion of our business, making us one of the largest and best escape rooms in Western North Carolina!


We retired two of our rooms, Buckingham’s Treasure and Baker Street Five and replaced them with some fun new local themes.

We just recently opened up a new room in our facility called Final Exam! We are excited to introduce this sneaky twist to our list of themes. This room will not only be a true brain work out but it will keep you on your toes, as it is one of our more challenging rooms.

In this room:

You have goofed off all semester and now you are about to fail Chemistry! The only option is to break into your professor’s office and steal the answers for the final exam!

So for all our mischievous fans, this is the room for you! Think you’ve got what it takes to take on this new room? Let’s find out…Click Here

Wait, there’s more!

We have two other themes/rooms that have joined us over this past year. Take your chances at finding a famous bootleggers base of operation in Whiskey Runner. Or help little Andi find their special something for show and tell before it’s too late in School Dayz our 30 minute room made with youngsters in mind!



We decided to add a neat feature in our lobby and let our guests “pin” where they’re from and have we been blown away by the results! We’ve had guests from all over the world and we’ve now had guests from all but 13 states. We added Alaska, Hawaii, California, Maine, Michigan just in the last month! We’ve even had guests from across the globe including Australia, France, South Africa, just to name a few! Stop by and check it out!

We had the privilege of hosting several large groups, from field trips with the kids, faculty and staff retreats, summer camps, youth groups and much more! With one group we hosted nearly 100 students from Cherokee County and to say we had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed them would be a huge understatement. Interested in exploring if it’s right for your group? Email us and we can discuss further at


Community Event

We hosted an awesome event in collaboration with several other local businesses called “No Ordinary Egg Hunt” and it was a smashing success! It felt like Black Friday as families and groups lined up down our sidewalk for a chance to participate in a scavenger egg hunt scoring prizes and connecting with new local businesses all along the way! It was so much fun that we have plans to make this an annual event. 

All in all, We have had a great 2 years and we are always thrilled to create unique and memorable experiences for all our beloved customers! We hope you’ll join us for our 2 Year Anniversary party! 

Now, join us as we celebrate our 2 YEAR Anniversary with an Open House on Saturday, October 19th! You’ll get a sneak peak at our Escape Rooms (as available), Puzzles, Refreshments and Drawings for some awesome PRIZES! We’ll also be doing a Balloon POP with some sweet prizes from 828 Escape and several other local businesses!

So save the date and make plans to join us from noon – 8 PM and see what all the fuss is about!  After all, there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun! To find out more and stay up to date on all the latest, visit our FaceBook Page