At 828 Escape, all of our themes are designed in house from start to finish! In this post, we will cover all of our current themes and discuss some frequently asked questions about our themes. Our themes have proved to be harder than most, so if you are up for the challenge come give 828 Escape a try!

If you’ve never done an escape room before you’ll notice there are two different “types” of games. One is what we refer to as linear. Which basically translates to you having one starting point in the game and then you solve A to get to B and so on.  The other type of game is what we refer to as non-linear. In this scenario you may have one or more starting points and several things can be solved simultaneously. There is no specific order in which they must be solved and eventually they’ll lead to one final path. As you can imagine, linear is great for smaller groups and as a result makes them a little bit easier to solve.

Now let’s talk about our themes. We’ll start with our least difficult room, School Dayz. This theme is one of our newest and was designed for two groups of people. First being 8-12 year old kids. Although this design is simple enough for that age group to understand and fully participate, there still needs to be at least one adult in the room. This theme is a linear game. School Dayz is a 30 minute concept that requires communication, searching, and detailed observation! The difficulty level is a 2 out of 5. We recommend at least 2 players and typically no more than 4 players for this game.

Next we will take a glimpse at our oldest design, Willow Cabin. This theme has been with us since April 2018! This is also a linear game. Willow Cabin is popular for 2 reasons, first because of the game play and secondly it’s horror feel! This room gives you a sense of urgency to get out quick! You’re trapped in Boone Harper’s cabin, and Boone is not a good host to say the least! If you want to give this theme a try you had better hurry because this will be the next them to leave! The difficulty level is 3 out of 5 and we recommend at least 2 players, but the optimal group size is 4-6. This theme is not recommended for younger players!

Final Exam is next! This is our newest theme that opened in June 2019. In this game, you’ll be trying to steal the answers to your upcoming final exam! You had better be careful in this one though there is a twist in this one! This one is non-linear. The difficulty level is 4 out of 5 and can be played with 2-3 players but we recommend groups of 4-8.

Finally, let’s look at Whiskey Runner! We installed this theme in September 2018 and is very popular for team building! In this game, you are trying to find the secret location of Doc Williams still site! This is also a non-linear game which provides larger groups opportunities to split up and conquer! This is our most difficult them at 5 out of 5. It can be played with 2-3 players but is highly recommended for groups of 4-8!

At 828 Escape we pride ourselves in developing games that are fun, challenging, and diverse. It’s important for us to develop our themes with local ties incorporated. Not being a franchise, and building our rooms from the ground up has given us the opportunity to make these rooms our own and provide some cool twists on themes you should find right here in our gorgeous mountains!

So when we say it’s great for all types of groups maybe now you can see why. We make it our priority to bring you our very best every time.  Make sure you book online to ensure that you and your group can get the room and time you want.  You can book online at

So grab some friends or coworkers and give 828 Escape a try! We know you’ll have a blast!