Escape rooms offer a unique approach to team building. You’ll learn valuable information about your team, such as who your leaders are and how well your team communicates.  In addition, you’ll get to watch your team work together towards a common goal. Each person on the team has a role to play in an escape room and they’ll all learn more about each other and gain a better understanding of how to effectively communicate with one another…..all while having fun! In other words, they’ll be having a blast and you’ll be able to see your team in action under entirely different circumstance than you could create anywhere else. 

Escape rooms are not only for entertainment, but it’s an excellent opportunity for small and large businesses to hone in on their team building skills! Collectively Tiffany and I have spent more than 25 years in a corporate setting where team exercises were a quarterly occurrence. These exercises were good but they became redundant because the material never really changed and wasn’t truly engaging. Those teams probably took away something the first or second time, but after that they were just going through the motions.

Ever wonder if you work with a good team or if you have a good team working for you? Wonder no more! Bring them to 828 Escape for a fun new interactive way to experience team building. You’ll observe how well your team communicates with one another. Are they truly communicating or talking “AT” one another to try and solve problems?

You’ll see who has the critical thinking skills you’ve been looking for. You want true leadership qualities? Observing your team while doing an escape room will show you who on your team has them. Those that take charge, and not in that nasty way(no one likes that!) but those that take charge, in a subtle way. Team members will listen to this person. Does your team include everyone? You’ll find out in a short amount of time if your team is engaged with not only the task of escaping but engaged with each other. If a team comes here and doesn’t effectively communicate, the chances of escaping are very slim!

Want to make this an annual training for your staff?  The best part is escape rooms change their room themes about once a year, so they’ll always be fresh scenarios to test your teams skills.

So as you plan your next office team building, think outside the box, turn them on to a new engaging activity that you’re office will be talking about a year from now and probably longer!