We are Jason and Tiffany Henry owners of 828 Escape LLC. We were born and raised in Sylva, NC. We grew up in this small community, went to school here and now we are blessed to be raising our two children here!

As most small communities go, there isn’t much to do in the way of indoor entertainment unless you drive for some distance. Of course we have the luxury of our beautiful mountains and the adventures that provides us, but sometimes people want something different.   

Some people have asked how and/or why we decided to open an Escape Room? It’s actually a pretty neat story.  While on family vacation we decided to try out an escape room. It was something we had seen on TV many times on some of our favorite shows and thought how much fun that would be to try.  We knew the kids would have fun so we decided to go for it. We really didn’t know that much about them at the time except that they looked like a lot of fun, and we were not disappointed.

Our kids had a blast trying to figure out the clues and puzzles. So much so, they had forgotten about their devices and technology!  

During this one hour, they were using skills that are so crucial and didn’t even realize it.  From communication, teamwork, reasoning, and critical thinking our kids blossomed right in front of us.  I mean, as parents we hope that we are doing a good job teaching some of those important skills, but on this day during this one hour we got to witness it.  

For our first escape room experience we were partnered with another family that had never done one either so we weren’t sure what the outcome would be.  But if you know us we are very competitive and we were going to do everything we could to “escape” in time. As the clock started ticking down we watched both of our kids own the situation, they communicated with everyone and our oldest took over and gave us a glimpse of his leadership skills.  Let’s just say we both literally stopped for a brief moment and simply watched in awe….and then we snapped out of it and did what we were told! 😉

We talked about that adventure our entire vacation, and it was hands down our favorite part of the trip.  On our way home we started talking about what having an escape room in Sylva would look like and what it could do for our community. Literally everyone can not only benefit from it but have a blast doing so.

We thought about what that first escape room did for our kids, and ourselves. Why not bring one to Sylva, NC?

We started researching and planning in June of 2017, and by late October of that year we were open for business! Some may think, wow that was quick, but when you are determined, have the right resources and support then you have no reason not to move forward! It also helps to have a smart wife!!

With our background we felt this was something our small community and western North Carolina could enjoy and truly benefit from.

After much consideration, we decided to go for it and bring something new and fun to the community we call home and it’s surrounding area.

We started with 2 rooms, and have recently in April 2018 added our third room. We also have a conference room for multiple uses from birthday parties to team building events and much more!

Whether you are looking for team building, entertainment, date night, or just something fun to do with your family or friends, we’ve got you covered here at 828 Escape!! 

So swing by to say hey and come join us for some fun!!