If you enjoy problem solving, collaboration and working under pressure, then our escape rooms will be your new favorite activity.

An escape room is a real-life team-based puzzle game, where you are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles together to get out. These are excellent team activities and can be really fun.

Here are some typical common elements of an “escape room game”. Keep in mind that escape rooms are extremely varied, but these should give you a general idea of what to expect.

  • Team based – The maximum group size is usually any number between 4 or 10, although some rooms can be done with as few as 2 people. Teamwork is absolutely necessary, as some team members will discover certain items that can help out another team member.
  • CommunicationCommunicate with your team, it is critical to your teams success and your ability to “escape.” Rarely are things hidden that go together in the same area of the room. So anything you find, whether important or not, everyone knows what it is.
  • A clear objective – This is usually to “escape” the room, which will involve finding a key, a key combo, or activating some sort of mechanism that will unlock the final door.
  • A story Escape rooms are usually themed under some kind of “story”. Some of these themes are stories, where you play some sort of character who is searching for a hidden treasure or trying to solve a murder, or is was trapped in X and need to find their way out.
  • An atmosphere / theme – The room will be decorated according to the theme, so when you enter the room you feel as though you are truly immersed into the storyline.
  • Puzzles – Your puzzles can involve 1) finding hidden objects around the room 2) filling out a small crossword 3) pattern matching and recognition 4) ciphers 5) visual and spatial reasoning 6) putting together related physical objects 7) etc. The puzzles aren’t really the “logic puzzle” type – usually these puzzles are highly biased towards ones that require mostly creativity and a little bit of “thinking outside of the box”
  • Puzzles in parallel – Especially for the first half of the game, you can expect a lot of puzzles around the room that you’ll have to solve. As the game comes to a close, these puzzles will fit together into a linear sequence of puzzles that will lead to the final exit.
  • A time limit You almost always get only 60 minutes to escape. Typical escape rates go anywhere from 20% to 60%.
  • A load of fun! – 🙂

We think you’ll find that all of our games are a blast! Learn more about 828 Escape room themes on Our Rooms page.